The leading behavioral health treatment providers in the state have joined together to begin a new era serving Kansans in need of substance use disorder and mental health treatment. The new Behavioral Health Association of Kansas (BHAK) believes that true integrated behavioral health means access and funding for mental illness and substance use disorder without regard to where a consumer seeks services. We are working toward a solution to the behavioral health crisis that maximizes the system's resources and expands services.

The founding members of the BHAK share four common objectives to enhance the current system.

  • Capacity - The current segmented system cannot serve the state's behavioral health needs.
  • Access - Barriers to accessing services due to funding segregation and protectionism must be repealed.
  • Choice - Consumers deserve choice in their behavioral health care to best serve their needs.
  • Outcomes - Consumers and providers successful outcomes increase when capacity and access barriers are reduced

Our mission builds upon the strong behavioral health system in Kansas by integrating substance use disorder treatment and mental health in new ways. The State has invested millions in to KanCare and the public mental health system to address the current crisis. National trends toward integrating healthcare will not succeed in Kansas until our system includes the qualified non-profit and private providers' systems to expand access and capacity. We must eliminate gaps and barriers in the system that stifle and frustrate citizens, consumers, taxpayers, and those in need.

The Behavioral Health Association of Kansas Public Policy Network (BHAK- PPN) is the collective action and advocacy network comprised of providers statewide who adhere to the core beliefs of expanding capacity, access and consumer choice.

In addition to system capacity and access issues, the Behavioral Health Association of Kansas' long-range goals are to work with insurers, managed care companies, the state, and others to ensure consumers receive services from the best network of providers. The BHAK will provide advocacy for substance use disorder treatment, other addictions, mental health, and the behavioral health system as a whole. The members work to expand the behavioral health provider network and encourage movement toward more value-based purchasing systems that include all providers. We support robust maintenance of the Medicaid essential benefits package, including behavioral health and appropriate and new pharmaceuticals for behavioral disorders, as well as expansion of Medicaid eligibility.